Environment, The Bequest

Hey Man!

Your child will claim bequeath

Sujwala Suphala Earth    ( with pure water and fertile land)

Earth ,the heritage of ancestors.

The earth vibrant with flora and fauna

Decorated with, herbs and liana

Vivacious and  jubilant  with

Twitter and chirps of birds,

Hilarious, hilarious Earth.

Earth live tree decorated with ivy,

The oxygen-rich and Holy pure water

Earth pulsing, vibrating with life nectar.

Your child will not ask for

The soil, barren and inferior.,

Exterminator toxic air, unnatural founts

Shrinking forests and devastated environment,

Contaminated water and clinically dead mass

 The Earth, where life. is scarce.

Hey man!

Do  write bequest of your offspring’s

No weapon, no wealth, nor precious elements,

Pass onto them only three things

 Green Earth, Clean Water – Air,

And clean environment !!!

Kalipad "Prasad"
All Right reserved.

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  1. Earth pulsing, vibrating with life nectar.
    - इसके सिवा और क्या चाहिये !